Welcome to Phonic Smart – An exclusive institute offering Phonics for kids in Mumbai and specializing in developing effectual language comprehension skills in young learners. At Phonic Smart, we aim at transforming today’s young readers into tomorrow’s successful leaders. We provide children with quality learning experience through the art of reading with an internationally renowned literacy programme called Jolly Phonics (UK). This website has been designed to give you a complete understanding about us, our programme and our vision. We hope this will help you to make a right choice for your child as you explore this site to learn more about us.

About Us

Hema’s inspiration to be a facilitator and the desire to guide young minds led her to begin a career as an educationist.


The beginner’s course is designed to teach children the 42 main letter sounds, along with its formation as prescribed by Jolly Phonics.

About Phonics

Do you know that we use different sounds while speaking or reading? The sounds used, are represented by the letters of the alphabet.